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Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought.
– with Dean Sherman 4th Week

Known Truth

a. Millions of people, including Christians, are bound by sex. They think about it all the time. They are driven by it and spend their money seeking sexual fulfillment. They do not control their sexual desires; their sexual desires control them. The devil is leading them around by the nose. He has drawn them into bondage.
b. We are all unique. There is only one of me and one of you in all the world. But the devil whispers to us that we are different and that being different means there is something wrong with us.
c. There are so many young people whose whole motivation in life has been to find the person they’re supposed to marry. What a waste of the energy and precious time God has given us. Our teens and twenties can be some of our most productive years. They can set us up in a career, get us started on our education, or expose us to missionary opportunities.
d. Half the world is made up of people who are a different sex from us! If from a young age we’re taught to categorize each person in terms of “possibilities”, we are devaluing half the human race. God designed us to have a wide range of relationships with a wide range of people.
e.  The creation of a functional Christian family is the ultimate end for a romantic relationship.

New Truth

a. Every problem in the world is a problem of wrong relationship. / Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought.
b. We cannot discover our uniqueness by sinning.
c. It’s amazing how many Christian young people think something is wrong with them. They wish their attraction gift would dry up and go away! They think that if they can get to a high enough spiritual plateau they will not be attracted to the opposite sex. That’s simply not true. And the attraction gift does not stop when we start wearing a wedding ring.
d. We are in control of romantic attraction. It is possible to be in love with the wrong person but that doesn’t mean they have to happen. Such things happen only if we allow them to happen. It’s not ‘fate’, and it is not inevitable. Falling in love with the wrong person does not have to happen. We are not the victims of attraction, but participants in it. We can choose to control the gift God has given us.
e. There is only one appropriate motive for Christian dating, and that is to get to know another person so that we can enhance that person’s life while honoring God, honoring the person, and honoring ourselves. If we cannot do this, we dare not date until we can.


a. Do not think of myself more highly than I should.
b. I’ll try to discover my uniqueness in God’s amazing creativity.
c. I’ll treat another person with appropriate motive! Honoring the person because God loves him!
d. It will be next year that I back to Korea. And I want to begin date according to this book!

The Father Heart of God -FLOYD MCCLUNG, JR

1. How has this book challenged you? 2. How has this book changed your point of view?

In his book Don’t waste your sorrows, Paul Billheimer points out that our disappointments can be a source of great blessing if we respond to them in the right way. Nothing can injure us emotionally unless it causes us to respond with the wrong attitude. Disappointing circumstances will pass, but one’s reaction to them determines a moral and spiritual choice which can influence one’s life forever. For people who learn to ask God why He allowed a situation to take place or what He wants to teach them through it, disappointments produce tremendous growth and heightened spiritual understanding.

First of all, the book “the Father Heart of God” challenged me to think in God’s point of view when my heart is broken. Because God is the source of healing. God often heal me through people, but He is the source and people are only his channel.
I want to learn to ask God why he allowed a situation to take place or what He wants to teach them through it like David.

“To David, brokenness did not mean despair or hopelessness or being hurt. It was humility, the opposite of pride. Because of that, David learned from every disappointment in life. His psalms of praise flowed our to the crucible of life’s disappointments.”

I’m sure David also had broken heart and disappointed at what happened to him. And there were lots of struggling to move his broken heart to God’s provision.
In this mercy ships, sometimes I think why God allowed my laptop computer to be stolen and why He allowed me to work at Deck department even though I wanted to work at IT. And then my emotion is down. I pray that I can see clearly what God wants to teach me, to show me, to request me through these disappointments.

3. What are three new truths you’ve gleaned from this book? 4. What new truth have you already applied to your life since you began reading this book?
-It is easy to spend a lot of time feeling sorry for ourselves or thinking about our needs. Because of this, it is important to honestly face the dangers of this kind of self-centeredness and choose o put God at the center of our lives. We must choose to be more concerned about the pain that God feels in His heart over man’s selfishness than about the hurts we fell. By deciding to put God first in our lives, we can break out of the patterns of manipulation, self-pity, or to love us as His children and heal us of our hurts, but that cannot happen unless we give Him full control of our lives.

-Even if other people have wronged us, we must deal with our own attitudes and actions.

-We cannot heal ourselves, but we can acknowledge our wrong in a situation so that our focus is shifted away from blaming others or justifying or pitying ourselves. When we do this, our attention naturally centers on God.
Third Page

In this week, I can learn what God wants to teach me definitely. The lecture and the book were really wonderful to me. I was able to learn lots of things and find out solutions for problems that I didn’t aware.
I realize that the most big problem and struggle I have are about relationships. When I think my twenties the most difficult time was caused by broken relationship with a girl.
And I was so surprised how much I was exposed at the culture which is preoccupied with romantic and sexual relationships such a long time without right standard in God. Actually, I feel a kind of free in this ship. Because I don’t need to be forced to find a dating partner. After I read the book, I got to know how much I got the stress of dating-syndrome when I was in Korea. It’s really weird. Now I think I won’t get much stress.
I’ve attended Church Bible study groups, Christian students meeting for 5 years. But I didn’t get any education about this subject “Love, Sex and Relationship” though this topic is desperately needed to young people including myself. I also thought this topic is too far from the Christian. And I think that so many Christians have same idea with me. I could learn how much these kind of thoughts are wrong.
I want to keep his teaching and apply to have relationship with people from now on.

1. I was able to make many friends not only people in the ship but also some Koreans outside the ship.
2. I finished to read the book “Love, Sex, Relationship”. It was really good to me to understand this week’s lecture.
3. I’m so glad that I helped some students & people in the ship with my computer skill. And the DTS homepage is very developed now!(I got 3 giving thanks emails from parent of students.)  I think we can announce it officially in this week.

1. I was depressed when I worked on the deck. “If I work at IT department, I could do many things for the ship” -> Because of this thought, I couldn’t enjoy deck work. I want to pray for it. I hope I rejoice in God at any situation.

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