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(2004-01-27 08:23:03)
Bog Min
To My loving Father (DTS Journal)
To My loving Father
First of all, I just want to say thank you for everything. Lord.

The reason I'm here now is to know you more.

It has been 5 years to begin my life with you, heavenly Father.
I remember that I was lost before I met you.
I was suffering. I couldn't find the meaning of my life.
I was so arrogant. I was afraid of people.

And then I met you by your grace, my Lord.
Because of you, I was able to understand what my life is all about.
Because of you, I began to be changed.
Because of you, I could sing of your love.

Last 5 years, I remeber that there were lots of blessings from you in my life.
I'm sure you were always with me even when I didn't look for you.
I got your love that the world cannot give through your church and your people.
I can feel your guidance every moment that I have to make important decision.
You are so faithful, Lord. You're awesome.!!!

And then, you allowed me to join this Anastasis DTS and to travel around the world.
Through this year, I believe you have the best plan for me more than I think.
I want to experience many things, to make many friends, to enlarge my territory
so that I could realize my vision in your will.

I want to live my life for you with passion of the vision.
As your faithful servant.

- your loving child
Bog Min

바올 (2004/01/27 11:12:07)

하나님이 정말정말 기뻐하셨겠다!!
나도 저널 쓰고 하나님께 편지도 썼었는데... 뭐라고 썼는지 기억 안나는데 저널을 잃어버려서 뭐라고 썼는지 너무 궁금해... ㅠㅠ

   The Father Heart of God -Floyd McClung,JR

Bog Min

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